JCM Policies



JCM requires that all JCM coaches refuse to accept or solicit any of the students assigned to that coach during the current season as private students for one full year following the end of the JCM season.

Parent Contract
Parents need to be in charge of scheduling of rehearsals and helping students prepare their part with their private teachers.


Private Teachers

JCM requires that participants work with their private teacher on their individual parts so that everyone comes to coachings prepared to work on ensemble issues. Teachers need to approve the assigned repertoire on the Student Contract.

Scheduling Rehearsals

The advantage to JCM is that the rehearsal time and locations are flexible to meet the needs of each ensemble. However, it is critical that a parent supervise and enforce the agreed upon schedule. Ensembles are required to rehearse between coachings. If a student misses a coaching session they can be replaced by an alternate without receiving a refund. You must give your JCM coach at least 24 hours notice regarding any scheduling changes. Within 24 hours, the coaches reserve the right to forfeit the coaching time.

Preparing Parts

Participants who have not prepared their parts by the third rehearsal can be replaced by an alternate without receiving a refund.

Tuition Payment

Tuition ($590) is due at the Orientation. Tuition is payable only by check, payable to Junior Chamber Music. Late fees of $50 per month will be applied to payments received after these dates. Participants cannot perform in any events without full payment of tuition. Online payments are not available for tuition because of high online fees.

Cancellation Policy
Tuition is non-refundable unless a student has an extreme medical or family emergency. Failure to plan does not constitute a valid reason for a refund. As cancellations adversely affect an entire team of players and require much staff time to resolve, an administrative fee of $90 will be retained regardless of emergency.


Youth Orchestras
JCM participants who are in the youth orchestras should not schedule JCM rehearsals during orchestra rehearsal times. Please do not call youth orchestra conductors and use JCM as an excuse for not planning the schedule responsibly.

Master Classes
JCM chooses master class performers based on audition scores and coach recommendation. Master Class is an important part of JCM, attendance is mandatory.

Outside Events

Many outside organizations (competitions, music festivals, music series, etc.) are interested in JCM groups because of their high level of skill and preparation. These outside organizations, though welcomed by JCM, are not within the jurisdiction of JCM. Neither the coaches nor the director are responsible for the results/experience with these outside organizations.