Emily An


Emily An

Ms. Emily An holds a Bachelor’s degree in Flute performance from Chapman University and a Master’s degree of Arts from the California Institute of Arts in Flute Performance. She has over 20 years of music experience working in many different facets of the music industry ranging from teaching, performance and music teacher associate.


She is currently working as a conductor for Flute Choir and Strings, New Orange Children Choir. at the Rise and Shine Children choir. Her previous experience was as an accompanist at East Valley Children's Choir from 1996-2002 and recently work at rise and shine children's choir.

Ms. An also teaches both private and group lessons and holds private, piano and flute lessons for students. In addition to teaching, she actively performs in various music concerts, orchestras, chamber music, and church events. She is an active member of the Music Teacher Association of California and has worked as an evaluator.


Ms. An is currently the regional chair for the Regional Winds and Voice chair of South California Junior Bach Festival.