Mailing address:

Junior Chamber Music
14281 Chambers Rd
Tustin, CA 92780

For general inquiries: Please contact Sarah Noh or the Director in your area.

Interested in coaching? Please send your resume and a letter of recommendation to Susan Boettger.


Artistic and Executive Director

Dr. Susan Boettger
(310) 266-0790

Director of Operations

Sarah Noh

Board of Directors

Joon Sung Jun
Esther Kim
Cynthia Lewis
Darlene Mizumoto

Artistic Advisor

Joon Sung Jun

Orange County Director

Dr. Minji Noh

Los Angeles Co-Directors

Warren Hagerty: warren@juniorchambermusic.org
Rosa Li: rosa@juniorchambermusic.org

Conejo Valley Director

Leah Kohn


Inland Empire Co-Directors

Dr. Wen-Ting Huang: wenting@juniorchambermusic.org

Dr. Kookhee Hong: kookheehong@hotmail.com

Conejo/San Fernando Valley Advisor

Joyce Osborne


Composers Direct Coordinator

Linnea Powell


Tour Coordinator

Dr. Chenny Gan

JCM–Student Service Alliance (JCM–SSA) Director

Emily Webster-Zuber

JCM-SSA Student Board (Conejo Valley)


Branch Coordinator: William Suwandi
Secretary: Celine Chen 
Activities Manager: Robert Liu
Media Coordinator: Jason Chen

JCM-SSA Student Board (Inland Empire)


Branch Coordinator: Reno Guo
Secretary: Aaron Kwan
Co-Activities Manager: Andrea Wang
Co-Activities Manager: Simone Yu
Media Coordinator: Dianne Lee

JCM-SSA Student Board (Los Angeles)


Branch Co-coordinator: Chloe Deng
Branch Co-coordinator: Yoshimi Kimura
Co-Secretary: Timothy Cai
Co-Secretary: Elijah Qin
Activities Manager: Remy Bell
Media Coordinator: Elise Kim

JCM-SSA Student Board (Orange County)


Branch Co-coordinator: Anna Fruman
Branch Co-coordinator: Sanghyun Kim
Co-Secretary: Hannah Kim
Co-Secretary: Anna Audenis
Co-Activities Manager: Tyler Kim
Co-Activities Manager: Lara Hairapetian
Co-Media Coordinator: Aaron Kim
Co-Media Coordinator: Emma Chang

JCM–LA Intern

Phoebe Chu